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SEA Anchor Sep 2018 Batch

Growth Acceleration

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SEA Anchor Acceleration

September 2018 marks the start of our new batch of SEA Anchor growth acceleration programme. This time held in Singapore, the startups will attend a one-month customised programme that focuses on strategy development, product validation and partnerships.

Mature startups attending the programme already have gained good tractions in their home markets. During the programme, they will be connected with suitable partners to explore potential market entry and growth acceleration into Singapore. The younger startups will focus on business model validation and revenue model refinement with a strong focus on market validation.

Accrete Innovation will work with selected startups through an extended 12-month equity based incubation programme to further anchor their business development and growth in this region.

The startups attending the September programme includes:

HAUZD: Hauzd is the ultimate 3D sales solution for Real Estate developers & brokers. Hauzd changes the way that Real Estate companies present and sell their projects through the state-of-the-art interactive 3D visualisation technology.

MEDI WHALE: Medi Whale builds an artificial intelligence for eye and heart disease screening through fundus examination.

MARYMOND: Marymond is a fast growing and well-liked design brand that manufactures and distributes fashion & design products in daily use by utlising floral pattern graphics based on unique story.

MOIN Inc: Moin is a blockchain-based cross border remittance business to provide affordable global money transfer quickly and safely.

Accrete is excited to also announce that during this batch, we will be accelerating 2 additional teams based on a totally new methodology developed by us. In this "Internpreneurship Programme" we will work with high potential individuals to kick-start the conceptialization of new ideas through a venture building model.

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