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    TechStorm is Asia’s fastest growing 24/7 multimedia network on Asian Esports, tech innovations recently announced a whopping 250% customer growth in Philippines with a total of more than 28 customer platforms in less than 15 months. Earlier in April, TechStorm’s in-house original production VOD series titled “Storm Bytes” is distributed across 26 countries across Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia via android mobile streaming on Huawei handsets.




    Seoulz aims to be Korea’s leading independent digital media resource covering the latest tech news, events, and trends for the Korean Startup Community. Our mission is to inform, educate, and connect the global startup community with the Korean startup community.


    Founded in February of 2019, Seoulz will create a strong community through its website, social media, newsletters, podcasts, and video content. The founders of Seoulz was created by the key members of Seoul Space and Startup Radar. Through their vast network from covering the Korean Startup Ecosystem for over 5 years, Seoulz looks to raise awareness of Korean Startups for the global audience.




    Bountie Holdings is a gaming technology company based in Singapore. It empowers gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favourite games through our platform, Bountie.


    The decentralized platform aims to reward all participants in the gaming ecosystem in a fair and equitable manner for their gaming efforts and skills. This extends to gamers, game referees, content creators, and shoutcasters. Bountie’s tournament platform enables retail gamers to monetize their skills early and compete fairly in an industry that is facing issues with hacking, boosting and smurfing; and will prevent aspiring gamers from failing to take off due to the high barriers of entry in official tournaments.




    Pulse9 is an AI company specializing in data analysis,
    developing an AI accounting assistant for small businesses and financial tasks.



    S.Lab provides brand commerce solution for the worldwide beauty brand entering SEA market.


    Advantir Innovations

    Advantir Innovations designs, manufactures and commercializes integrated hardware and software solutions for desserts to F&B, hospitality, event and catering companies, offices. Advantir’s flagship product is Swirl.GOTM – the Nespresso1 for soft serve and desserts.

    Hello Factory

    Hello Factory providers a complete suite of solution, leveraging IOT and smart wearables to improve in-store communications.


    QARA Soft

    QARA is a Fintech Startup providing Online Asset Management & P2P Investment/Crowdfunding Platform with financial AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology such as Robo-advisor & Machine Learning.



    L.Fin is a cyber security company that provides advanced location based dynamic authentication services.


    3E is an AI biometric security startup that focuses on perfecting the iris recognition solution. Its unique algorithm overcomes 7 key challenges in today's iris recognition technologies.



    Shaashop is a social shopping mall that allows buyers gain access to interesting products globally with easy fulfillment options.


    JK Corporations

    JK's technology focuses on providing real-time high definition video and photo streams targeting at the construction industries.



    Prinstech is a personalized beauty care service provider and its services include medical facilitation, medical tourism, cosmeceutical product distribution and O2O based convergence service platform operation.


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